Caius Boat Club retirements

  • 09 December 2022

Dr Jimmy Altham (1965)  and Martin Wade (1962) are retiring from Caius Boat Club after long and distinguished service. Jimmy plans to step down as Senior Treasurer after 17 years and Martin is retiring from his position as President after more than 20 years in post.

George Budden (1984) succeeds Martin as CBC President. The Senior Treasurer position will be filled after Jimmy officially retires following the May Bumps 2023.

Although by his own admission “not an oarsman”, Jimmy turned out to be just the person CBC needed most when the Senior Treasurer vacancy arose.

A group of people in blazers standing behind a rowing boat

Reflecting on his time at CBC, Jimmy, pictured centre at a boat naming, recalled how his predecessor, Jack McDonald (1995), the former Dean, set strong foundations, with Jimmy left to realise a replacement Boat House. 

As Chairman of the College’s Works Committee and a member of the Development Campaign Board Jimmy was well placed to oversee the project.

Jimmy worked with then Development Director Anne Lyon on fundraising and liaised with BB+C Architects who designed and delivered the Boat House the College and CBC are so proud of today.

Jimmy says: “I think if there had been anybody else who really wanted to take over as Senior Treasurer, I would happily then have handed over then, but there wasn’t, and I was quite enjoying myself. It was a good way to keep in touch with the students, of whom I’ve met many really splendid and admirable people. I think you can say that we have still maintained the position as CBC being the top club on the river.”

A man in a black blazer pours champagne over a rowing boat in a naming ceremony

Martin Wade (Natural Sciences 1962), pictured above right, is very much an oarsman. His eponymous boat was named during the 2022 May Bumps, when M1 retained Head of the River in the first competition of its kind since 2019.

Emma Radford, Captain of the Boats, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin for over two decades of exceptional leadership as President, having overseen multiple blades and headships in his time, and our consistent growth as a club. We are fortunate that Martin will remain as Emeritus President.”

George Budden (Mathematics 1984) is an oarsman, like Martin. George was Captain of the Boats in the year when Caius went head of the river for the first time in over 140 years.

George said: “I have very fond memories of rowing at Caius, and met most of my best friends there in one boat or another! I look forward to working with CBC on its next exciting adventure - towards the bicentenary of its founding (2027) for starters.”

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