Professor Sir Alan Fersht FRS FMedSci

  • College positions:
    Life Fellow. Former Master of the College (October 2012 to September 2018)
  • University positions:
    Herchel Smith Professor of Organic Chemistry
    Director of the MRC Centre for Protein Engineering
  • Subjects:


MA PhD (Cantab)

Awards and prizes

Gabor (1991), Davy (1998), Royal (2008) and Copley (2020) Medals of the Royal Society; Wilhelm Exner Medal (2009) Austria; G. N. Lewis Medal (Berkeley) (2009); Bijvoet Medal, Utrecht University (2008); Linderstrøm-Lang Medal (Denmark) (2005); Anfinsen (1999) and Stein and Moore (2001) Awards of the Protein Society; Bader Award of the American Chemical Society (2005); Charmian (1986) and Natural Products (2001) Awards of the Royal Society of Chemistry; Feldberg Foundation Prize (1996); the Harden Medal of the Biochemical Society (1993); Datta Medal, FEBS (1993); Novo Biotechnology Award (1986); and FEBS Anniversary Prize (1980). Foreign Member of National Academy of Science USA, American Academy of Arts and Sciences and American Philosophical Society. Member EMBO and Academia Europaea. Honorary degrees from Uppsala, Brussels, Aarhus and Hebrew Universities, and Imperial College.

Research interests

Protein folding, misfolding and cancer.

Teaching interests

Protein chemistry.

Other interests

Bird photography, chess, horology