Professor Liz Harper

  • College positions:
    College Lecturer
    Director of Studies in Earth Sciences
  • University positions:
    Professor of Evolutionary Malacology
    Honorary Curator of Palaeontology, Sedgwick Museum
  • Subjects: Natural Sciences


MA Natural Sciences (Geological Sciences) (University of Cambridge), PhD in Earth Sciences (Open University)

Awards and prizes

President’s Award Palaeontological Association (1990), Annual Award Malacological Society of London (1991), Royal Society University Research Fellow (1994-2004), Phyllis and Eileen Gibbs Travelling Research Fellowship (2008)

Research interests

Biomineralization, invertebrate biology and palaeontology, predator-prey interactions in modern and ancient communities, phylogenetic relationships. Co-editor of 'The Evolutionary Biology of the Bivalvia'.

Teaching interests

Part IA Geology, Part IB Geological Sciences A and Part II and III Palaeontology papers

Other interests