Dr Rumiana Yotova

  • College positions:
    College Lecturer and Director of Studies in Law
  • Subjects: Law


PhD in Law (University of Cambridge), LL.M Adv. in International Law (Universiteit Leiden), Magister Juris (Sofia University)


Research Interests

Public International Law, International Dispute Settlement, International Investment Law, EU External Relations, International Biomedical Law


Teaching Interests

International Law, Investment Law, EU External Relations


Awards and Prizes

Hague Academy Diploma in Public International Law cum laude (Hague Academy of International Law) 2009



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R. Yotova, ‘Opinion 2/15 of the CJEU: Delineating the Scope of the New EU Competence in Foreign Direct Investment’ (2018) 77:1 Cambridge Law Journal (February 2018)

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R. Yotova & F. Baetens, ‘The Abyei Arbitration: A Model Procedure for Intra-State Dispute Settlement in Resource-Rich Conflict Areas?’ (2011) 3:1 Goettingen Journal of International Law 417


Other Interests

Hiking, board games, amateur photography