Tammy Chen Fund

The Tammy Chen Graduate Bursary Fund

The Tammy Chen Graduate Bursary Fund provide much-needed financial support to postgraduate students studying Humanities subjects at Caius. You can read about the work of recent recipient Livia Karoui (MPhil African Studies 2021) here. The College is very grateful to all who have donated to this important cause.

The Fund was established in memory of Tammy Chen, a PhD candidate at Caius killed in a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso in August 2017. Tammy, originally from Canada, was completing a PhD in International Development, focusing on poverty, gender and women’s empowerment. The former Master, Professor Sir Alan Fersht, paid tribute to her as "an exceptional woman, very active in the Caius graduate community and passionate about her research and helping people. She had so much to offer the world and it is a tragedy for her to be lost so young."

In 2011, Tammy co-founded and then ran a Canadian registered charity called Bright Futures of Burkina Faso, which sought to extend both education and microcredits to women in some of the poorest parts of the world. During her time at Caius, Tammy gave a memorable and inspiring talk to graduates and Fellows on how the shea butter industry was empowering women in Burkina Faso.

Tammy Chen Graduate Studentships are awarded to encourage and enable students to make an impact both at Caius and throughout the wider world. Studentships are open to students who can demonstrate the requisite academic merit.

If you would like to donate then you can do so by debit/credit card or Direct Debit. Your help would allow us to expand the Fund’s reach and impact over the coming years.