Dr Ulrich Keyser

  • College positions:
    College Lecturer
  • University positions:
    Professor of Applied Physics
  • Subjects: Natural Sciences


Diplom in Physics (Dipl.-Phys. Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany), PhD in Physics (Dr. rer. nat., Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany)

Awards and prizes

Helmholtz Price for applied Metrology, Helmholtz Fond E.V. and PTB, 2016
Consolidator Grant, European Research Council, 2015
Starting Grant, European Research Council, 2010
Emmy Noether Research Grant of the German Science Foundation (DFG) 2007

Research interests

My main research is focused on understanding all transport processes through membranes of both biological and technological origin. Specifically, we are interested in the physics of ions, macromolecules and particles in confined geometries at the single molecule/-particle level. My experimental group thrives to exert maximum control over all parameters using techniques like: DNA (origami) self-assembly, optical trapping, particle tracking, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology, or micro-/nanofluidics. In parallel, we are always improving and developing new measurement techniques based on a combination of single molecule approaches.

Teaching interests

I enjoy the direct contact with students central to the Cambridge supervision system. I supervise first and third year courses in Natural Sciences (Physical) as well as research reviews and projects. It is my strong belief that successful researchers can only be made in the lab.  Thus I develop the next generation of scientists by teaching through research on cutting edge areas at the boundary of physics, chemistry and the life sciences.

Selected publications

N. A. W. Bell and U. F. Keyser. Digitally encoded DNA nanostructures for multiplexed, single-molecule protein sensing with nanopores. Nature Nanotechnology, 11:645-651, 2016

K. Misiunas, S. Pagliara, E. Lauga, J. R. Lister, and U. F. Keyser. Nondecaying hydrodynamic interactions along narrow channels. Physical Review Letters, 115:038301, 2015

S. Pagliara, C. Schwall, and U. F. Keyser.  Optimizing Diffusive Transport Through a Synthetic Membrane Channel.  Advanced Materials, 25(6):844-849, 2013.

N. A. W. Bell, C. R. Engst, M. Ablay, G. Divitini, C. Ducati, T. Liedl, and U. F. Keyser. DNA origami nanopores.  Nano Letters (published online 20.12.2011), 12(1):512-517, 2012.

N. A. W. Bell and U. F. Keyser. Specific Protein Detection using Designed DNA Carriers and Nanopores. JACS, 137(5):2035-2041, 2015.

Complete list of publications

Other interests

Literature, music, cooking