Dr Thea Don-Siemion

  • College positions:
    College Lecturer and Fellow in Economics
    Director of Studies in Part I and Part IIB Economics
  • Subjects: Economics


BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of Oxford); MSc (Research) in Economic History, London School of Economics; PhD in Economic History, London School of Economics

Research interests

I am an economic historian specialising in the financial history of the Great Depression in Central and Eastern Europe, and in particular the case of the Polish economy.  I am particularly interested in the role of credible commitment, state capacity, and international political economy in influencing macroeconomic outcomes.

Teaching Interests

At Caius, I teach modern British economic history and macroeconomics.  In addition, I have experience teaching in numerous areas of economic history from the Middle Ages to the present day, with a particular emphasis on monetary history.

Awards and prizes

Economic History Society PhD Bursary (2020)


For an updated list, please see https://theadonsiemion.com/publications/

Other interests

As an academic side project, I am digitising and making available quantitative data sources on interwar Poland. Outside academia, I enjoy fictional worldbuilding, walking, and cartography.