Dr Russell Moore

  • College positions:
    Director of Studies in Computer Science
  • University positions:
    Research Associate
  • Subjects: Computer Science


MA (Cantab) Computer Science, University of Cambridge; PhD Computer Science, University of Cambridge

Research interests

Artificial Intelligence in education; Machine learning applied to models of cognition; Reinforcement learning for pedagogical policy optimisation; Natural language processing of learner speech.

Teaching Interests

Artificial Intelligence; Data Science; Machine Learning; Formal Models of Language.

Awards and prizes

New Wiseman Prize, Cambridge University Dept of Computer Science & Tech 2019
Life Fellowship, Royal Society of the Arts 2007
Elector to the Court of Common Council, Cornhill Ward, City of London 2003


Listening practice for learners of English: towards an intelligent tutoring system.A. Caines, J. Waters, S. Xu, M. Elliott, R. Moore, M. Bozic, P. Buttery Cambridge Language Sciences Symposium, Cambridge, UK (2021)

Adaptive Forgetting Curves for Spaced Repetition Language Learning. A. Zaidi, A. Caines, R. Moore, P. Buttery, A. Rice 21st Intern’l Conf. on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), Ifrane, Morocco (2020)

Skills Embeddings: a Neural Approach to Multicomponent Representations of Students and Tasks. R. Moore, A. Caines, M. Elliott, A.H. Zaidi, A. Rice, P. Buttery


Accurate Modelling of Language Learning Tasks and Students Using Representations of Grammatical Proficiency. A.H. Zaidi, A. Caines, C. Davis, R. Moore, P. Buttery, A. Rice 12th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM), Montreal, Canada (2019)

Behavioural Cloning of Teachers for Automatic Homework Selection. R. Moore, A. Caines, A. Rice, P. Buttery 20th Intern’l Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), Chicago, USA (2019)

Automated speech-unit delimitation in spoken learner English. R. Moore, A. Caines, C. Graham, P. Buttery 27th International Conference on Computation Linguistics (COLING), Osaka, Japan (2016)

Incremental Dependency Parsing and Disfluency Detection in Spoken Learner English. R. Moore, A. Caines, C. Graham, P. Buttery 18th International Conference on Text Speech & Dialogue (TSD), Plzen, Czech Rep. (2015)

Other interests

Martial arts, rock climbing, drawing and painting, sailing, sea swimming and kayaking, cycling, languages, antique computers, angel investing, archaeology, bass guitar, longbow and recurve archery.