Information for guests at graduation

How many guest tickets for graduation can I have?

The number of guests in the Senate House is limited by the University in response to concern from their insurers about health and safety considerations. The College has no discretion in the matter. Graduands for the General Admission in June and all other Congregations are issued with two tickets in the first instance and may apply for more. Most graduands want to bring guests, so we rarely have any spare tickets. Extra guests can always wait by the door and ask the Constables politely if there are any spare places. Failing that, guests who wait outside will be able to offer their congratulations while other guests are still in the Senate House. 

What's the best way of getting to Caius?

Full directions to Caius are available on the maps and directions page of this website.

Where can my family park when attending a graduation ceremony?

Cambridge is not a good place for cars! Details of public transport and Cambridge's park and ride system are available on the maps and directions page of this website. The College allows guests to park at the Sports Ground for General Admission in June, but only if they are staying in College accommodation.

What should guests wear at graduation?

Strictly speaking, guests who are members of the University should wear their academic gowns. It is unlikely, however, that anyone would notice if they didn't. Other than that, guests should be smart, but there is no need to be formal. A T-shirt and shorts would be a bit too casual, but suits and ties are not really necessary.

Are children allowed as guests at graduation?

Tickets are required for guests at all Congregations, including children. Please note that the ceremony lasts for up to one hour and guests are not permitted to move about within the Senate House during this period. For this reason, the ceremony is not really suitable for babies and young children. Children are welcome as long as they can sit still and read a book quietly for 55 minutes in order to enjoy the interesting five minutes. Children of all ages are welcome at lunch in College.

Is it possible to take photographs during the graduation ceremony?

No. Guests are strictly forbidden from taking photographs or using video cameras during Congregations. The University does, however, take photographs of all graduates, and it is possible to buy copies from them afterwards.

Can I have the contact details for an individual Caian?

No, but if you post a letter to the College marking it for forwarding, we will do our best to pass it on.