Building & Collection Funds

The buildings and collections at Caius hold the rich history of the College, and the Caius Fund contributes to their maintenance and growth. Our students deserve access to the most modern scholarship and resources.

Buildings (£90,000)

Our buildings are the historical heart of the College and it is important that these are maintained, especially for our students who live and work in College throughout their studies. This maintenance includes repairs, refurbishments, general upkeep and ensuring our ancient buildings remain compliant with the latest safety rules and regulations. This fund will also support projects such as the kitchen renovations, which will begin this year.

Library and Collections (£10,000)

The Library is a key element of the College, providing a space for students to explore their subjects. The Caius Fund provides vital support for manuscript maintenance and repairs. It also allows the Library to have the freedom to purchase new books, which can be requested by students.


Use our virtual tours to immerse yourself in the Library and our other buildings.