Alumni Benefits

Caius Club

The Caius Club was founded over one hundred years ago to sponsor activities for friends of the College, and to "include any Caian who wishes to maintain links with the College and its past and present members".

The founding dinner was held in a famous London restaurant, Oddenino's, now the UK headquarters of Pringles (woollies not crisps!).

Each year we hold a dinner in College during the Easter Vacation, an informal event on the last day of the May Bumps, and a dinner at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London in October, all with the aim of bringing together old friends and hopefully to forge new friendships too.


Visiting the College

All Caians no longer living in College are always welcome to visit with friends and family. If the College is closed to visitors, please report to the Porters to gain entrance. Caians who wish to bring groups of more than five people into College are asked to contact the Development Office in advance.


High Table Dining

All graduates of the College who have been admitted to the degree of MA or PhD of the University of Cambridge may dine with Fellows on High Table, free of charge, once a term during University Full Term. We regret that graduates are not allowed to bring guests and there is a limit of three graduates on any one night. High Table normally takes place every evening except Saturday. Graduates wishing to dine should contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office as early as possible and no later than two clear working days (Monday to Friday) before they intend to dine.

There are certain evenings when special events are taking place and there is no High Table. High Table does not take place if no Fellows are dining that night. The Development & Alumni Relations Office can advise. Dinner is at 7.20pm, except on Sundays in Full Term, when it is at 7.30pm. Those dining gather in the Colyton Hall 10-15 minutes before Hall and you should introduce yourself to the Master, or in her absence the senior Fellow presiding. If there is any Fellow that you would particularly like to meet when you dine, please let us know, though of course there is no guarantee that they will be able to dine that evening. 


College Bed & Breakfast

Alumni can take advantage of a 20% discount on College B&B, subject to availability and terms and conditions. Please contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office for the discount code required when making your online booking.


Private Dining and Conference Bookings

A 10% discount is available to alumni on private dining bookings. A 20% discount is available to Caians in respect of room hire rates when booking a meeting at Caius. Please contact the Development & Alumni Relations Office for the applicable discount codes. Subject to availability and eligibility.


College Punts

All Caians are welcome to use the College punt during the summer months. For more information, as well as booking, please contact the main Porters' Lodge on 01223 332400.


College Library

Caians are welcome to use the College Library for reading during office hours. If you wish to exercise your reading rights, please contact the Librarian.


Annual Gatherings

Caians are invited back to their first Annual Gathering about ten years after graduation and every eight to ten years thereafter, and every year from 50 years after graduation.

You can check here to see which Annual Gatherings have been scheduled for this year. Invitations are usually sent two months before the event. If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office.


May Week Party

As many as we can accommodate of those who have made a gift to Caius during the previous year are invited to the College May Week Party, including a buffet luncheon, musical recitals and tea. Many guests go on to Caius Meadow later in the afternoon to cheer on the Caius boats in the May Bumps, hosted by the Caius Club. For more information, please visit the webpage for the May Week Party.

The Commemoration of Benefactors Service and Feast

In a memorandum, dated 6 November 1352, William Bateman states that the College hold a Service of Commemoration of Benefactors each year between 11 and 25 November. This service is the precursor to a grand feast in Hall, when a series of mouth-watering dishes from the College kitchens is accompanied by a selection of wines from the cellars and musical entertainment from members of the choir. Members of the Court of Benefactors are now invited to the Commemoration Service and Feast.

Please visit the webpage for the Commemoration Feast for more information.

CAMCard Access

Remember to bring your CAMCard for free access to other Colleges when they're open to visitors and to take advantage of various discounts. If you haven't already ordered one from the University, you can do so here.